New branding & website for Respyre

For millions of years, moss has played a vital role in maintaining a healthy and balanced environment, acting as a pioneer in the development of life as we know it. `Now, Respyre enables to harvest nature’s power to create a sustainable and clean living space and utilize its strengths wherever you see fit.

Respyre enables cities to integrate nature into their surroundings in a simple, cost-effective and beautiful manner. The bioreceptive concrete plaster simply turns any open surface into moss and becomes an autonomous and natural breathing system for the city. Besides a wall of moss looks super cool, it also improves biodiversity and acts like a filter for better air quality.

Live in a city that breathes
Respyre utilizes the resilient adaptability of moss in combination with infrastructure, to create living walls that breathe clean air into the cities.



Aalsmeer, The Netherlands








Winner of the PHIA 2022

Winner AED Pitch 2022

Most innovative student of the Netherlands 2022
€15k Rabobank impact fund


he previous Respyre website fell short in portraying the company's progress hindering the accurate representation of the startup's current state to the market. There was a need for a refresh in branding, design, and font that aligned better with the current design trends of today.

The design took into account serving a wide range of users, resulting in a universally pleasant website experience for every kind of user.


Following the project's initial discovery phase, we used wireframes to establish the website's content foundation. In close collaboration with Ronan (head of branding), we have captured additional visual material, enhancing the digital representation of the story and product.

This has resulted in a website with a sleek design, making the product easy to comprehend. Ultimately, we've succeeded in catering to the needs of every visitor, whether they are a customer, job seeker, journalist, or potential investor.


Research & Analysis: We've performed a rapid competitive analysis, gaining insights that inspire us to carve out a unique market position distinct from our competitors. This has allowed us to create a comprehensive overview of how we can effectively serve specific user types and meet their needs.

Wireframing & Prototyping: We created low-fidelity wireframes to visualize the new layout and navigation, continuously refining them based on user feedback. Subsequently, we developed a high-fidelity, interactive prototype to thoroughly test the design.

Visual Design & Style Guide: We established a unified visual language encompassing color schemes, typography, and iconography, ensuring a consistent aesthetic across the website. Additionally, we crafted a comprehensive style guide to uphold design consistency for future updates.

Development & Integrations: With the perspective that it was essential for Respyre to gather all data from different kind of users, we integrated a survey system to achieve this and centralized all collected information. After finalizing the prototype in Figma, we swiftly incorporated the web design into Framer, culminating in the development of a fully functional website accessible on the internet.

”Gilles showed great capabilities to work within a company team to ensure precise delivery of the company's message through online visibility. Besides being on your side a sparrings partner, his view on business and design is reliable and efficient.''

Auke Bleij

CEO, Co-founder | Respyre


The handover of the Respyre website stands as a succes, with users enjoying the unique and tangible design. The website effectively showcases the story and product, providing a comprehensive and engaging experience. Notably, the structured layout ensures that users of all kinds can easily initiate contact with Respyre. In conclusion, the revamped website successfully captures the essence of the brand, offering a seamless and inclusive platform for users to interact with the company.

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Ready to Elevate Your Project?

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